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* 1. What is your first name?

* 2. What is your last name?

* 3. What is your chapter name?

* 4. My Address: Street, PO Box, Town, State and Zipcode 

* 5. Home phone number:

* 6. Cell phone number:

* 7. My email address:

* 9. Candidate Parent (s) names:

* 10. Candidate's Parent Address ( if different from your own) 

* 11. Parent Email Address:

* 12. School address: Street, town, state  and Zipcode

* 13. School phone number:

* 14. Adviser's name:

* 15. Adviser home address:

* 16. Adviser phone number at school:

* 17. Adviser cell phone:

* 18. Adviser email address:

* 19. Principal's Name:

* 20. Superintendent's name:

* 21. Which FCCLA Area is your chapter in?

* 22. What FCCLA Jacket size would you expect to need for your Jacket size? Indicate men's or women's size.

* 23. Essay- Please complete this essay question with 50-100 words.
How could you promote this year's MN FCCLA State Theme in your Area or chapter?

* 24. Essay Question: Please complete this essay in 50-100 words.
List one National or State FCCLA program and describe a project you have completed in your chapter or you could complete in the future.

* 25. Ask 2 persons who know you well to write a sentence about your strengths and include (copy and paste) their statements here. Include their names and titles or relationship to you.

* 26. Check the events you have attended for FCCLA.

* 27. On a scale from 1 ( low interest) to 3 (high interest), please rate how you regard each position.  The higher ranking number you give each position, the higher you would rate it. If you do not want or are not eligible for a position, please leave that rating box blank.

  1-Lowest ranking 2-Medium ranking 3-High ranking 0-I am not eligible for this by my grade level
Area Vice President
Area JHC (Current member in grades 6,7,8)
Area Secretary
Area Treasurer
Area President
Peer Educator ( Working with the Area Officers to promote the National FCCLA Programs)

* 28. Please complete this section:

* 29. Please upload the Candidate Agreement page with candidate, adviser parent and school administrator signatures.

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* 30. Please upload the Adviser Agreement page with signature.

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* 31. Please upload a copy of the Agreement to use Your Photographic Likeness Release Form

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