1. Introduction

The Vision Greenwood Park Steering Committee is submitting applications for several grants. One of these grants is the Neighborhood Matching Fund. For every dollar the City provides in this grant, the community needs to match it with volunteer labor, services, or cash. For every hour you volunteer, the City will match $20. If you have a special skill, that can be worth up to $75. For that reason, it's important to estimate the number of volunteer hours from community members. Your help as a volunteer will be essential to making this grant possible!

Volunteers can offer their time at monthly work parties, lot clean-up, site preparation, and construction activities, party planning or many other small projects.

We’d like to submit a snapshot of volunteer commitment along with our grant application. Please continue to the next page to help us understand how you may be willing to volunteer your time. This will take less than 3 minutes. We will be collecting responses until Sunday, August 22nd at 5pm.

Thank you!