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In the event of a major emergency affecting Stoke Mandeville parish (the village, Stoke Grange, Hawkslade and Stoke Leys), the Parish Council would like to be able to call on the voluntary help of local people who have relevant skills or resources. We call these people ‘Parish Responders’

We are asking local people who would like to become Parish Responders to register their contact details via this website so that, should an emergency occur, we have a list of people to contact. We are also asking for details of how you may be able to help, for example if you have particular skills or access to helpful equipment. By local, we mean people who live or work in or near Stoke Mandeville village, Stoke Grange, Hawkslade and Stoke Leys.

We will confirm your registration by e-mail and at the same time give more details about how and in what circumstances you might be asked to help. We will then e-mail you about every six months to check your details are up-to-date.

By signing up through this website, you are NOT agreeing to help or becoming obligated to help. All you are agreeing is that Stoke Mandeville Parish Council or another council emergency team can call you to see if you are able and would like to help. Obviously, if we do call you, it will be entirely up to you to decide whether or not you want to help on that particular occasion.  

We cannot predict the sort of emergency which might occur but obvious incidents which would need a Parish response could be large-scale flooding, extended power-cut, heavy snow fall, etc.

Your privacy matters. All the information you give will be kept securely and confidentially by Stoke Mandeville Parish Council and not shared with anyone outside the Council other than local authority emergency teams. Stoke Mandeville is a registered data controller under the Data Protection Act.

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