1. AAOS Clinical Practice Guidelines: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Hand Society’s Council will consider endorsing the AAOS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) guidelines in spring of 2009. The guidelines can be accessed at www.aaos.org/Research/guidelines/guide.asp.

The ASSH Evidence Based Practice Committee voted to endorse these guidelines but that endorsement must be approved by the Hand Society’s Council to become our official policy and position. The guidelines, which were developed by the AAOS, are not editable by ASSH, so we must accept the guidelines as is or not at all.

Please share your thoughts with the Hand Society leadership to help determine whether or not we should support the guidelines.

* 1. Have you read the AAOS CTS Guidelines?

* 2. Do you support the CTS guidelines?

  Not at all Somewhat Neutral Mostly Completely I haven't read them
I support the guidelines