* 1. What is the level of the school that you represent?

* 2. As an NAACP Parents' Council representative, how many Parents' Council monthly meetings did you attend this year?

* 3. Below is a brief list of our meeting topics for last school year. Please note if the meeting was helpful to
you in advocating for students at your school.

  Yes, it was helpful to me.  No, it wasn't helpful to me.  Didn't attend
August 2016-  Let's Get Organized! Dr. Jonathan Brice- MCPS, Board Member Mike Durso and more....
September 2016- Parent Advocacy and a discussion with Dr. Jack Smith
October 2016- The Annual Kick Off Meeting with MCPS/ NAACP 
November 2016- Building Partnerships 
December 2016- Meeting with Dr. Jack Smith, Superintendent of MCPS Schools 
January 2017- Pathways to the Next Level 
February 2017- Board of Education Meet and Greet 
March 2017- Community Updates 
April 2017- Mentoring Matters
May 2017- Best and Brightest 
Fall meetings by Cluster in Neighborhood locations

* 4. Please list the three topics most important to African-American family/students in your school.

* 5. Do you plan to return as an NAACP Parents' Council school representative for the 2017-2018 school

* 6. Do African American parents feel your school's Admin, staff and teachers welcome parent involvement and engagement by all parents (especially African American, Latino)?

* 7. In what areas do African American parents feel your school is improving (Trending upward)?

* 8. In what areas do African American parents feel your school is declining (Trending downward)?

* 9. How do you see the Equity goals being implemented in your school?

* 10. How would you most like to receive additional information regarding the NAACP Parents' Council?