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Curbside Cardboard Recycling Program
Expanding in 2022!

The City of Richmond Sanitary District (RSD) has been awarded monies to pilot a curbside cardboard recycling program for residents of the City of Richmond.  Curbside cardboard recycling requires:

  • Distribution of separate tan colored (96 gal) recycling container;
  • The development of route(s) to collect cardboard for recycling;
  • Participating residents must break down brown corrugated cardboard boxes to no larger than 17” X 17” X 36”.
  •  1,000 containers available for 2022
  •  Larger cardboard pieces (television, appliances, etc.) that are not broken down will continue to be accepted at the New Paris Pike landfill at the cardboard bin to be recycled.
  • Please remove all packing materials; Styrofoam to green Rosie Roller; Plastic film/bags to stores that recycle plastic grocery bags (Needlers, Meijer, Kroger, Walmart)
Complete Sign Up Survey To Get Started!!

Please complete a few questions so RSD can determine your level of interest and needs as we plan pick up routes.  The survey is located:


No access to Internet?? 

Please call Deborah Tevis at 765 983-7456 to sign up!  

Our Goal is to Grow !!!
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