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Welcome to The National Biosolids Regulation, Quality, End Use and Disposal Survey for 2018.

NEW YORK and NEW ENGLAND STATES: PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY AT THIS LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NEIWPCCStateBiosolids2018  (Don't continue the survey below.)

This is the second time this major national survey is being completed; the initial survey was published in 2007, reporting 2004 data.  (You can download that report at the bottom of this page: https://www.nebiosolids.org/national-biosolids-survey-2018-data.)

A PDF of this introduction & the online survey below can be downloaded from this webpage: https://www.nebiosolids.org/nbii2definitions. Some people like to be able to look it over in advance.
This survey relies on state biosolids coordinators and other key stakeholders in each state - the people most knowledgeable about sewage sludge / biosolids management locally. The results are being published in  2021 and will benefit all stakeholders in the management of wastewater and biosolids.

Thank you for your time and help with this survey!  We know it is a lot to ask. It will take you a couple of hours, but your input is vital to advancing nationwide understanding for the whole profession.
We are here to help. We can go over details & questions with you on the phone and/or by sharing our screen through your browser - even entering your data for you, if you want. Let your project team contact know what works for you.  We will have a phone call with you to go over your data.  And, when we have completed our final data tables & report for your state, we will ask you to review it, to make sure we have it right. Note that the final report will not include your name, and we will not share your contact information.

The data requested are about: sewage sludge, biosolids, and septage, from public and private wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) treating domestic sewage, who used or disposed of sewage sludge/biosolids in 2018.

Please provide data and respond to each question to the best of your ability. If firm data are not available, estimates are acceptable. Add explanations & comments in the spaces provided. You know more than we do about your state; any of your observations advance our knowledge.

The survey is in two parts:
1) a spreadsheet specifically for your state, and
2) ~60 questions in this online survey.

Start the survey now:
a) Complete the questions on this page, below (3 minutes).
b) Click to the next page and download your state spreadsheet (1 minute). Then close out of this online survey.
c) Complete all or most of your state spreadsheet.
d) Once you have the spreadsheet mostly done, return here using the same link you used today, using the same computer, and finish the online survey, clicking "Next" (below) to advance pages.

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* State agency's biosolids websites (if any).... Include links to state biosolids and septage regulations, etc., if available.

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