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High streets lie at the heart of our communities and local economies, creating jobs, nurturing small businesses and injecting billions of pounds into our economy but the way we shop and the way that communities use their high streets is changing: we’re shopping more online, making fewer big shopping trips and shopping ‘little and more often’. This changes the nature of what makes a high street successful.

Northampton plays a vital role as a major centre serving the town and its wider catchment area.

With town centres across the country going through unprecedented levels of change, we, along with our partners on Northampton Forward, are taking action to address the challenges facing the town centre.

We would like your views on what you would like to see in your town centre.

You can download the town centre consultation documents through this link.

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* 1. What do you think could improve the town centre?

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* 2. Which parts of the town centre make you proud and why? 

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* 3. Do you think that food and leisure uses should be encouraged within the town centre?

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* 4. Do you think more residential provision in the town centre will help to support retail?

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* 5. Which area of the town centre would be your first priority for improvement?