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Welcome to the 2024 NBCE Annual Student Essay Competition website. This is where you will upload your materials to the contest. 

Please be sure to complete and upload your materials no later than October 1, 2024. 

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Claire Johnson at 

Thank you!
1.       Submit an original essay on a topic of the student’s choice that focuses on chiropractic. Topics include history, philosophy, linguistics, practice perspectives, jurisprudence/law, ethics, theory, sociology, comparative religions, politics, and aspects of social sciences that address historical or philosophical approaches, in addition to clinical or public health-related topics.
2.       The essay must be an original work by the student contestant. Essays must be authored by only one author; no team authorship is allowed.
3.       The essay should not exceed 3500 words (references are not included in the word count).
4.       The essay should include the following components:
       a.       Introduction - the introduction should provide a brief overview of the topic, a well-referenced and grounded rationale for the paper, and the purpose (or hypothesis) for the paper.
       b.       Discussion – the discussion should address the topic in a scholarly manner. Important points should be elaborated upon, and relate to the study's purpose. The discussion should cogently relate the current discussion and findings with other relevant publications.
       c.       Conclusion – The conclusion should provide insightful statements about the importance and relevance of the study without generalizing beyond the study's findings. The conclusion should not interject author opinions, make unsupported claims, or give statements that go beyond the limits of the study findings. This section should be brief, perhaps 1 paragraph, and provide clear answers and summarize how the purpose/hypothesis presented in the introduction was addressed.
       d.       References – References are expected and should be included throughout the paper. All statements made as fact should have supporting references. All references should be numbered according to their appearance in the text.
5.       Student contestants will submit contact information (e.g., email and phone number).
6.       Proof of enrollment. Students will submit a letter from the registrar of proof of enrollment, and good academic standing (not on probation) at the time of essay submission.  Only students from CCE-accredited, United States, chiropractic degree-granting programs within the same year may be included in this contest.
7.       Upload a  portrait photo of yourself (JPEG, PNG, 300 dpi)
8.       By submitting to this contest,  you consent to have your name, chiropractic program, photo, and essay title shared in social media posts if your essay is selected as one of the award-winning essays.  Your private and contact information will not be shared.
Criteria for selection
1. Students must be In good academic standing and enrolled in a United States, CCE-accredited, chiropractic program at any time during 2024.
2. The essay must be submitted by October 1, 2024.
3.  All submissions will initially be evaluated for completeness, originality, and satisfying the minimum criteria. Any submissions not meeting the minimum criteria will be rejected. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that complete materials are submitted. Any submission determined to include plagiarism will be rejected.
4.  Essays will be reviewed and judged on the following criteria
      a.       Clear purpose statement, compelling argument, logical thought in discussing the topic
      b.       Provides new insights or information to the chiropractic profession (not just opinion)
      c.       Originality (original work that has not been published elsewhere)
      d.       Proper use of references
      e.       Level of scholarship and quality of work
5.  Announcements of winning essays will be made by December 31, 2024.

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* 1. Please provide your information

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* 2. Please upload a letter of good standing from your registrar confirming that you are currently enrolled and in good academic standing in your chiropractic program. If your registrar requires that they send  letter directly to the essay contest organizers, upload a note explaining this. Otherwise, please upload your letter of good standing here.

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* 3. Please upload your original essay, no longer than 3500 words, submitted as a Word document.

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* 4. Please upload a portrait photo of yourself, that clearly shows your face. A professional-style portrait photo is preferred. JPG or PNG, 300 pdi or higher resolution.

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To submit your essay and letter of good standing, please click the button below. Thank you!
The NBCE essay competition is administered by an outside corporation, Brighthall.  All questions about the competition should be directed to Dr. Claire Johnson at