Welcome to the Survey

Please read carefully the following information about the research study before deciding to participate. Please contact us to clarify or answer any of your questions or concerns. 
What is the research about?
The goal of the research is to determine how a social worker’s involvement does or could impact older adults when they face a variety of social issues such as poverty, affordable housing, transportation, health care or social isolation, etc. 
Who is conducting the research?
Students in the Social Work program at St. Thomas University of Fredericton, New Brunswick are conducting the research on behalf of the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers (NBASW).   
What is my role in the study? Are there any risks?
If you are a social worker or service provider who works in New Brunswick and currently serve older adults (age 65+) or has served older adults within the past 5 years, then you are eligible to participate in this study. Through your experiences with seniors, specifically adults 65+, you have a unique understanding of the service delivery system within New Brunswick. Your insight can help provide us with more information for improving services. Feedback will be collected through an anonymous electronic survey. To minimize the risk that individuals or workplaces can be identified, survey questions will be kept very general.                

What is involved in participating?       
The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will be done online via electronic survey. The survey will be distributed to social workers and service providers in New Brunswick via email and can be accessed through a link provided. The survey will consist of general questions regarding your experiences in working with adults 65+ and will not ask specific questions regarding your employer or place of work. You may choose to withdraw from the study at any time prior to submission. Once survey responses have been submitted it will not be possible for the researchers to identify the source of the responses in order to remove specific information. Clicking the submit button at the end of the survey indicates that you understand and agree to participation in the survey.     
Will the information be confidential?
The electronic survey will be confidential as researchers will not have access to any identifying information. Data will be collected through Survey Monkey and retained in accordance with their data retention policy. If you would like to review Survey Monkey’s data retention and privacy policy, you can visit the link below.

Can I change my mind?                                                
You can withdraw your participation in this survey at any time prior to submission. Once the survey is submitted, it will be impossible to withdraw from the study due to the anonymous nature of the research. 
Will I be able to see the outcomes of the research?                                       
Yes, the NBASW will publish the findings on their research when complete.