Pre-Launch Survey

This is a survey to get some insight in to what the community would like us to do with Northcraft.
We're interested in knowing more about your opinions regarding how to properly 'launch' a WotLK realm.
Not all of the results of this survey will be used in the final version of Northcraft.

* 1. How did you find Northcraft?

* 2. Would you like Northrend to be open immediately ? ( Allows for leveling professions etc )

* 3. Are some bugs acceptable for a timely release?

* 4. Northcraft provides a optional leveling boost. How would you like to see this happen.

* 5. Northcraft's optional leveling boost will set your level to 68 or 70, which level do you prefer?

* 6. Death knight's start with a default first aid at skill level 270/300 how would you like to see this at launch?