* 1. What is the nature of your profession?
(N.B. Only questions marked with a big * cannot be left unanswered as it is necessary for survey validity, other questions can be left unanswered if you do not find any of the response choices relevant)

* 2. Are you aware of cloud computing?

* 3. The current level of cloud computing awareness for small and medium companies in Egypt is:

* 4. Egyptian small and medium companies view moving their operations to the cloud as:

* 5. Do you think cloud computing represents an opportunity for Egyptian small and medium companies to move their operations to in the current economic and political environment in Egypt?

* 6. Please rate the following cloud related security concerns based on their importance in affecting Egyptian small and medium companies' operations in cloud computing:

  unimportant important Very important Extremely important N/A
Cloud vendor trust
Legal issues and regulatory compliance
Technical security risks(e.g.data privacy, encryption,..etc)

* 7. Which of the following cloud security recommendation guidelines are you aware of?
(N.B.In this question you can select more than one answer)

* 8. If you have participated in implementing recommendations from any of the following security recommendation guidelines or others in small and medium companies (not particularly in Egypt) then please specify which:
(N.B. In this question more than one answer can be selected)

* 9. If you have selected any of the recommendations listed in the previous question or identified any please specify how was your experience:

* 10. Which alternative you believe would be most suitable for small and medium companies in Egypt to follow in order to secure their operations in the cloud?