1. EMS Survey

* 1. What type of First Reponder are you?

* 2. If you are an EMT or EMT/Firefighter, what EMT class are you currently?

* 3. What First Responder career type are you?

* 4. How did you obtain your current bag/gear?

* 5. If you were allowed to choose your own bag/gear, how did you find out about it? (Choose all that apply)

* 6. If you were allowed to choose your own bag, which of the following were important in the decision process? (Choose all that apply)

* 7. What is the most important attribute in evaluating your product?

  First Second Third Forth

* 8. When purchasing new bags/gear, how many suppliers do you typically order from?

* 9. When purchasing a product, do you prefer ordering from a

* 10. If your employee/department purchases your first responder bags/gear, how involved are you in the decision process?

  Very Strong Strong Neutral Weak Very Weak N/A
Involvement in department purchasing decision

* 11. If the opportunity presented itself, would you be interested in working as a marketing representative for EMT bags/gear to your department/colleagues in your free time?

* 12. Any other additional comments regarding the purchasing process of bags/gear or bags/gear product features