All 2015 NAYRHL Officials are required to complete the following online test by April 15.

All 2015 NAYRHL Officials are required to complete the following online test by April 15.

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Please answer each of the following questions based on your knowledge of the 2015 NAYRHL Rules. Each question requires an answer before you can submit your test.

The NAYRHL requires each team to have a minimum of 4 skaters and 1 goaltender dressed in goalie gear to start a legal game.

If a player receives 4 minor penalties in one game, they receive an automatic game misconduct?

A player who receives a 5 minute major penalty for any foul shall also automatically receive a game misconduct penalty?

If co-incidental penalties are called do teams play 3 vs 3?

If a game ends in a tie at the end of regulation, does it remain a tie?

If a game is tied, a shoot-out continues with 4 shooters from each team?

A penalized player with time remaining on their penalty cannot participate in the shoot-out?

Teams may have up 4 coaches on the bench?

Player from team A receives a minor penalty for hooking with 1:15 remaining in the first period, player from Team B receives a tripping penalty with 1:00 remaining in the first period. A goal is scored with :35 second remaining in the first period, no one comes of the penalty box?

Team A is playing down two players. One player is serving a minor penalty, the other player serving a major penalty, both penalties were taken at the same time. Team B scores a goal, no one comes out of the penalty box, is this correct?

Team B starts game with 4 and a goalie. With 10 minutes remaining in the game, a player is ejected. Because they have 4 players, the teams allow the player to keep playing. Is this permitted?

With 10 minutes left in the third period, a penalty shot is called. The player taking the shot cannot participate due to injury. The coach chooses a player on the floor to replace the injured shooter to shoot?

A major penalty, the player serves how may minutes?

A minor penalty, the player serves how many minutes?

A ten minute misconduct also carries an automatic game misconduct?

How many players must be present to continue a game if all others have been ejected?

A goaltender may participate in a game with a players stick?

A skater may participate in a game with a goalie stick ?

A player take a minor penalty for slashing, and a ten misconduct. Another player must serve the players original minor penalty?

Players can wear duplicate numbers on same team?

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