Announcing Two NEW Exciting Workshops with Natalya Brashovetska in 2023!

Natalya Brashovetska is a member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild. She has lived in Cyprus the last 15 years and was born and raised in Ukraine. Natalya is professionally trained as a clothing designer and focuses her designs in felt. She learned classic shoemaking skills from her father-in-law and has taken the skills to a new level with felt. She has great passion for her work and loves helping others achieve excellence in their felt. To learn more and see some of her designs, visit her website at:

Any questions regarding these workshops, please contact Nan Travers, 
Both Workshops  are located at Woodside Pond Studios, 148 Lake Desolation Road, Middle Grove, NY 12850. Once you register for the workshop(s), I will be sending you an invoice through PayPal. This will come from my business email for NanMade, LLC.

Each is a three-day workshop:

Reconstructing Felted Garments - May 25th-27th. Three-day workshop $375 + Materials Fee (Limit 8 people). Do you have any felted garments that just don’t fit right? Or you just don’t wear? This class will help you redesign an existing garment to fit you correctly and freshen its look. Includes some felting, dyeing & sewing depending on your design choice.

Felted Shoes - May 30th - June 1st. Three-day workshop $375 + Materials Fee (Limit 10-12 people). Natalya has developed a new technique for making felted shoes starting with flat felt. If you have taken previous boot classes from Natalya, this class will be different. If you have been hesitant to do a boot class in the past because of how much felting is needed, this class uses flat felt and will be less demanding. You will use different felt pieces, as well as other fabrics, leather, embroidery, and other materials. You will come with your various materials and pre-felts to finish felting there. The workshop includes shoe construction.

Housing suggestions will be provided once registered for the workshop.

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