1. Role of school nurse in ADHD

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The purpose of this survey is to identify school nurses’ needs for education relating to the diagnosis and management of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation.

* 1. What role do you play or what tools do you utilize in the evaluation and gathering of information for a child who is suspected of having ADHD?

  Always Usually Sometimes Not usually Never
Assess health or social causes for behaviors
Collaborate with healthcare provider
Interview child
Interview parents
Interview teachers
Observation of the child in the classroom
Obtain and review provider records
Parents' behavior ratings
Participate in Individual Education Plan (IEP) team meetings
Review academic record
Review achievement tests
Review school health records
Support teachers' initial observations of behaviors suggestive of ADHD with health screenings and referral information
Teachers' behavior ratings

* 2. What role do you play in the management of children diagnosed with ADHD?

  Always Usually Sometimes Not usually Never
During medication trials, obtain feedback from teachers on standardized brief rating scales to help the prescriber determine the most effective medication and dose
Inform parents if you see changes in the student's mood or behavior
Maintain a system for alerting parents when medications are running out
Participate in developing Behavior Intervention Plans when students exhibit behaviors that interfere with their learning or the learning of others
Provide parents with information about support organizations and local support groups
Serve as a liaison between the home, treating healthcare provider, and school in monitoring treatment effects
Store and directly administer medication
Train and evaluate other school employee(s) to store and administer medication in compliance with established protocols
Train unlicensed individuals to administer medication during school trips

* 3. Which of the following tactics do you use to increase medication compliance? (Select all that apply)

* 4. Do you find that there is a tendency for parents or teachers of a child with disruptive, disorganized, or inattentive behavior to: (Select all that apply)

  Immediately conclude it is ADHD Resist the diagnosis of ADHD Be open to discussing the possibility of ADHD

* 5. When a new diagnosis of ADHD is made, how likely are you to conduct a family meeting to:

  Always Usually Sometimes Not usually Never
Debunk the myths associated with ADHD and its treatment
Explain how ADHD interferes with learning and peer relations
Explain that a series of medication trials may be necessary before an effective response occurs
Help identify which specific academic accommodations are indicated for a given child
Provide information about the subtypes and manifestations of ADHD