My goal is to update and expand the previous work in my book SalesSpeak… to explore, uncover, and research the most common mistakes sales professionals make when presenting in today's market.

And then, continue to help people avoid these pitfalls, and provide effective solutions that will aid them in having more successful outcomes in the future.

Here’s how you can help….
Below you will find a list of common sales presentation mistakes. Please review the list and then answer a few simple questions. That's it!

Thank you in advance for sharing your time with me!


Question Title

* 1. Have you committed any of the following sales presentation mistakes in the last 6-9 months?

Question Title

* 2. In your role as the “Listener or Buyer” in a Sales Presentation Situation in the last 6-9 months, have you noticed if the Sales person had made any of the following presentation mistakes while presenting to you?

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* 3. Do you know or have any sales presentation horror stories you would be willing to share with Terri in a interview? ( For print or confidentially? )

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* 4. Do you want the research results of this survey?