The North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA) offers commercial memberships for a reasonable fee to enable genuine sea glass artisans and businesses to connect with more sea glass enthusiasts, to promote genuine sea glass, the NASGA mission and opportunity to apply* to our annual North American Sea Glass Festival.
*Applying to the North American Sea Glass Association as a Commercial Member does not automatically approve your acceptance into the annual NASGA Sea Glass Festival.

  • The ability to align yourself as a member of our association in your marketing materials
  • Banner ad and mini bio on our NASGA Member links page
  • Point of sale marketing materials such as a place card contrasting genuine beach sea glass versus artificial sea glass
  • Commercial Members may also have the opportunity to submit an application to NASGA's North American Sea Glass Festival held annually, if they meet the festival application criteria, and are accepted by the Festival Committee.  Please note: Not all Commercial Members meet the criteria for Festival Acceptance.
  • Commercial Members may have permission to use the NASGA logo.
  • Point of sale marketing materials such as a NASGA's genuine versus artificial postcards.

$250 Initial Annual Membership Dues, Subsequent annual dues will be $200.   If a member skips a year, it will be $250 to rejoin.

In order to apply for commercial membership, you must complete the commercial membership application form in its entirety.  Once you complete your application, including attachment of photos, your application will be reviewed and voted on by the NASGA Membership and Board of Directors for acceptance into the North American Sea Glass Association. 

The Membership chairperson will contact you up to 2-3 weeks after submission of your application in order to confirm your commercial membership and to process your member dues.

Please note: Upon approval of Commercial Membership you will be invoiced via PayPal. We accept PayPal, Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and e-check for payment. The annual fee will be payable upon acceptance.  You will be invoiced each year in January thereafter unless you have notified us in writing of Membership cancellation at least 2 months prior to renewal.

Those applying for commercial membership, once accepted, you may begin advertising your commercial membership in your promotional and marketing materials.  

Commercial members may also print out the “Genuine versus Artificial” page from this website to use at your booth at festivals or in your retail establishment. With commercial membership, you will receive a short bio on our website with a link to your website on our NASGA Members page.

Questions about commercial membership or application?  Please email directly.
The Mission of the North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA):
  • Educate the collector, consumer and retailer as to the properties and benefits of genuine, pure, natural beach unaltered sea glass.
  • Maintain the value of genuine beach sea glass, through education.
  • Provide a forum and knowledge base for sea glass enthusiasts to communicate with other individuals who share their passion for genuine beach sea glass.
  • Sponsor sea glass festivals that will benefit both sea glass collectors, retailers, and artisans.
  • Assist the work of protecting and restoring waterways and coastlines around the world, by mobilizing members, making donations and educating the public.
  • NASGA Commercial Members agree that they will leave sea glass in its natural state and not create imitation sea glass; meaning that the sea glass will not be altered by, grinding, acid etching, sand blasting, tumbling, or by any other means so as to artificially replicate genuine sea glass