Dear NAPESCO team member,
The purpose of this Survey is to obtain unfiltered input from NAPESCO employees across all levels and work groups. This input will be used to improve NAPESCO’s overall business capabilities, competitiveness, organizational culture and work environment. 

The anonymous and unattributed input obtained from this Survey will also guide NAPESCO’s strategy development and strategic planning efforts, currently underway.

This Survey is relatively simple, straightforward, and quick. It consists of thirty four (34) questions, across ten (10) key areas. The employees are required to select their responses, based on their perception and experience in NAPESCO. Testing indicates that completion requires less than 30 minutes.

Your open, honest input in this Survey is highly-valued and sincerely requested. Please take a few moments, now, to make an important contribution in defining NAPESCO’s future. The survey is open till 10th November 2019.

Chelsea Ellis
HR Manager