NAPAGE Annual Survey

Dear Parent:

Please take a moment to complete this annual survey, based on your experience of your child’s time in GOAL this school year.  If you have more than one child in GOAL, please complete a survey for EACH child.  This survey was devised by, sent from and will be returned to NAPAGE, not the NA School District. The survey does not ask for your name.  If you would like to include your name, please enter it at the end of the survey in "Additional Comments".   Aggregate results will be shared at a future NAPAGE meeting and with the administration. 

* 1. 1. In what grade is your child currently?

* 2. 2. In what grade was your child identified as gifted in North Allegheny?

* 3. What aspects of GOAL have been most beneficial to your child?

* 4. Describe any problems or difficulties your child has had as a result of participating in GOAL.

* 5. What suggestions do you have for improving GOAL?

* 6. My child’s participation in GOAL has been a worthwhile experience.

* 7. GOAL contributed much to my child’s academic growth.

* 8. My child showed an increased interest in school as a result of participation in GOAL.

* 9. My child benefited from the opportunity to interact in GOAL with students who have similar abilities.

* 10. The time spent out of the regular classroom for participation in GOAL was worth it.

* 11. My child’s regular classroom teacher(s) supported my child’s participation in GOAL.

* 12. My child feels that she/he has had a positive experience participating in GOAL.

* 13. I believe that my child’s academic needs are being well met.

* 14. My child is being appropriately challenged in the regular classroom.

* 15. My child is being appropriately challenged in GOAL.

* 16. There has been sufficient communication between the program teacher and myself

* 17. The actual time allotted for GOAL was:

* 18. I would like to see the following topics presented or discussed at NAPAGE meetings in 2017-2018

* 19. Additional comments