1. Nomination for the Nonprofit Association Board of Directors

Please nominate the Executive Director or a member of your Board to serve on the Board of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO). Nominations must be submitted by Friday, July 12, 2013. Please note, only current NAO Nonprofit Members may nominate candidates for the NAO Board of Directors. Additionally, Nominees' organizations must be current NAO members.

If you are interested in being an At-Large Board member and are not affiliated with a nonprofit directly, please feel free to proceed with this survey!

* 1. First name of individual completing this form (if different than nominee):

* 2. Last name of individual completing this form (if different than nominee):

* 3. Phone number and/or email in case we need to contact you to follow up on this nomination (if different than nominee):

* 4. First name of nominee:

* 5. Last name of nominee:

* 6. NAO member organization nominee will represent:

* 7. I would like to be an At-Large member or am nominating someone for this role.

* 8. Nominee's contact information:

* 9. Please describe your professional and educational background and the nonprofit experience, professional skills, and networks/connections that you can bring to the work of NAO. In addition, you may also email a resume to nominations@nonprofitoregon.org (please include the name of the nominee in the subject line).

* 10. Please explain why you care about the nonprofit sector and how you would like to contribute to building a strong nonprofit association.

* 11. Please verify that you can meet the time commitments necessary for effective service on the NAO Board.

The Board currently meets about eight times per year. We expect the number of Board meetings to decrease in the 2013/2014 year, and we anticipate holding at least one Board meeting each year out of the greater Portland area.

Board members are expected to:
(1) Attend in person or by phone at least 75% of Board meetings each year
(2) Attend Board orientation (October 18, 2013)
(3) Attend the Annual Meeting which will be held in the early fall
(4) Serve on at least one committee and attend in person or by phone at least 75% of the committee's meetings
(5) In addition, the organization that you are representing must maintain an active NAO membership during your tenure on the Board

* 12. I/the nominee consent(s) to being nominated for the NAO Board of Directors.

* 13. If the nominee is a Board member of a member organization, please indicate that the Executive Director approves the nomination (skip if not relevant).

* 14. If nominee is a Board member of an NAO member organization, please indicate when your/nominee's term ends (skip if not relevant).

Thank you for completing a nomination for the NAO Board of Directors. We appreciate your time and participation.