2017 NANASP Proposed Bylaws Amendment

In accordance with the By-Laws of the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs, the Governance Committee presents the following amendments for a vote by NANASP members.

The intent of these proposed amendments is to enhance the leadership opportunities for NANASP members to serve as a NANASP board member or officer and strengthen our organization.

Below is a summary of the proposed amendments:

1.      Reduce length of term of office for NANASP Board members from four years to two years and maintain current limit of four consecutive terms (except to allow completion of terms as Chair and Immediate Past-Chair (Article IV, II, A)

2.      Rename the office of “1st Vice Chair” to “Chair-Elect” (Article VII, II, A and elsewhere throughout the By-Laws)

3.      Clarify the duties of the Immediate Past Chair (Article VII, Section II, H)

4.      Reduce length of term of office for all NANASP Officers from two years to one year, and maintain existing By-Laws’ limit of two consecutive terms for all Officers unless an exception is approved by two-thirds vote of the NANASP Board of Directors (Article VII, III, A)

5.      Authorize the Governance Committee flexibility to nominate candidates for Chair (Article VII, III, C)

6.      Clarify titles of Board officers and committee chairs (Article VIII)

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