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This survey is part of a programme run by NAM to raise awareness of, and access to, new HIV prevention technologies in Europe. It has three aims:
  • To assess current knowledge levels in Europe about new and current HIV prevention options.
  • To establish people’s knowledge of the availability of these options.
  • To establish people’s attitudes towards these options: are they effective, feasible and cost-effective?
This survey is not a test of your knowledge. It is an attempt to assess people’s current thinking about a range of prevention options. All answers are given in confidence, and no names or identifying information will be used.

This survey is targeted at people who provide HIV prevention, treatment or care in Europe, as workers or volunteers. But you do not have to be part of any organisation to answer it, and can do so as an individual concerned with HIV.

For the sake of space, we have not attempted to ask in detail about your knowledge of the effectiveness and availability of every possible HIV prevention option, but we do ask your opinions on a broader range of options towards the end of the survey.

This survey should take about 10 to 20 minutes to fill out. We welcome your participation, as it will help us target advocacy for new HIV prevention technologies in Europe.

The NAM European HIV prevention project aims to expand knowledge of, and advocate for more research into, new HIV prevention options in Europe. As well as this survey, it comprises:
This survey has been devised with the generous and expert help of Sigma Research. We would like especially to thank Catherine Dodds.

The NAM European HIV Prevention Project is funded by unrestricted educational grants from Gilead Sciences, Merck and ViiV Healthcare. They have had no editorial control over its content.