The National AIDS Housing Coalition would like to hear your opinions, concerns, and recommendations on the role HIV/AIDS housing in addressing the epidemic moving forward.  Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey, keeping in mind trends in the HIV/AIDS Housing field as well as the programmatic and advocacy needs in your community. 
HIV/AIDS Housing Today and Tomorrow

We know with the advances in HIV medical treatment, persons living with HIV and AIDS are living longer, healthier, and more productive lives.  With these advances, the housing/service needs and interventions have changed.  Additionally, the communities in which people live and the organizations that serve them have evolved as well.  Now, 30 years into the HIV/AIDS epidemic, NAHC would like to know how these advances in healthcare and needs of persons living HIV/AIDS are shaping the programs, interventions, and advocacy efforts related to the HIV/AIDS housing field.

* 1. As you consider the HIV/AIDS Housing field, how do you see the field evolving and changing?

* 2. What trends in the HIV/AIDS Housing field do you see emerging?

* 3. How do you think these changes will effect your organization and the services it provides?

* 4. How do you think these changes will effect persons living with HIV and AIDS?

NAHC’s Response

Through national advocacy, policy analysis, research dissemination,  training, and capacity building, NAHC works to advance the HIV/AIDS housing field to ensure all persons living with HIV and AIDS has access to safe, decent, and affordable housing.  Considering the evolving field and the emerging trends, answer the following.

* 5. To better equip communities, like yours, what are two to three roles that NAHC should play to advance the priorities for safe, decent and affordable housing for all persons living with HIV and AIDS?

* 6. What tools and resources would you like to see NAHC provide to assist your organization to better prepare for the changes in the HIV/AIDS housing field you identified?

Tell us About Your Programs

As the survey comes to a close, please tell us a little about your organization and your efforts to provide housing to low-income persons living with HIV and AIDS.

* 7. Total number of clients served (through all programs)

* 8. Total number of clients receiving housing

* 9. What type of HIV/AIDS housing and services do you provide? Check all that apply.

* 10. What type of funding source(s) does your HIV/AIDS Housing program receive? Check all that apply

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