Qualification to Complete This Application

The goal behind the North American Food Systems Network Mentor Program is to provide no-cost mentoring assistance of up to 10 hours to qualifying individuals and organizations that meet all four of the following criteria:

...are involved in or proposing a project or activity that both is (a) related to food and agriculture and (b) has a clearly defined goal that would serve the public interest;
...lack critical technical expertise for one or more aspects of such a project or activity that would be needed for it to succeed;
...have a project or activity where the type of expertise needed is short-term guidance to support design and analysis rather than in-depth, technical services for actually carrying it out; and
...lack both other appropriate sources of assistance, such as Extension, and the resources to pay for the services of a private consultant to provide the needed technical expertise.

Note that we cannot guarantee that requests that meet all the criteria can be served because the program depends on the availability of volunteers with appropriate expertise.

* 1. To the best of my knowledge and understanding, I believe that my or my organization's need for mentoring support fits the NAFSN Mentor Program criteria as described above.