Thank you for taking this short survey to vote on which sessions to livestream at NACFC.

Please note that only two sessions can be live streamed at the same time, so please only select two sessions in each time slot. The sessions recommended for livestream by the Program Planning Committee Adult and Parent representatives are marked with an (*).

Each session listed below includes the discipline track indicated by the NACFC Program Planning Committee subcommittee group that planned the session and a short description, when available, of what the session will cover and who will be speaking. Descriptions are only currently available for the symposiums. 

NACFC sessions are structured as a workshop, a symposium or a plenary. All three plenaries, or key note addresses, will be live streamed and so are not listed below.

Workshops are forums for oral presentation of abstracts. These sessions may be comprised of abstract presentations, invited talks, or a combination of the two. It consists of a 5-minute introduction, five 10-minute presentations with 5 minutes of discussion after each. 

A symposium is a presentation that summarizes the body of data in the topic area and crafted with a large, multidisciplinary audience in mind. It consists of a 5-minute introduction, four 15-minute presentations with 5 minutes of discussion after each. 

This year, all live stream registrants will also have access to the workshop and symposia presentations six weeks after NACFC. For more information about NACFC please visit