RVTS Training in ACCHSs

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WHY complete this survey? Because so many Aboriginal community controlled health services find it hard to attract and retain sufficient medical staff.

The Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS) is a federally funded workforce recruitment and retention program. It does this by allowing doctors to train towards general practice (FRACGP and/or FACRRM) qualifications without having to leave their practice/community.

The ability to train in this way assists practices in the recruitment and retention of doctors. Doctors without general registration may also be able to train in the program.

This survey aims to help NACCHO and the RVTS understand if the RVTS training program might solve your doctor workforce problem. Your answers to the questions on the next screen will help us present a case to government for funding.

Your responses will be held in strictest confidence. All reports will be de-identified.

If you have any questions, or would like over-the-phone assistance in completing the survey, call JEANETTE MCLAREN on 02 6057 3400 (between 9am and 5pm AEST please).

Thanks for your help,

Lisa Briggs, CEO & Dr Pat Giddings, CEO