* 1. Which of the following best describes your household composition?

* 2. How many people in your household are in the following age bands?

* 3. What is your postcode?

* 4. How do you or members of your household usually dispose of the following types of household waste?

  Garbage bin Recycling bin Organics bin Store at home/shed Household Chemical CleanOut Waste depot Place on kerbside Don’t have this waste N/A
Household and car batteries
Pool chemicals
Fluoro lights
Motor oils and fuels
Garden pesticides/herbicides
Gas bottles
Smoke alarms

* 5. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude to recycling?

* 6. Have you or someone else in your household done any of the following in the past 12 months?*

  Yes No Don’t know
Disposed of less common household problem waste e.g. fluoro globes and tubes, gas bottles, batteries, motor oils, smoke detectors
Disposed of renovation waste e.g. paint, plaster, bricks, carpet, asbestos
Disposed of household chemical waste e.g. pool chemicals, herbicides and pesticides

* 7. The correct way to dispose of household problem waste is to take it to a Community Recycling Centre. How convenient is it for you to dispose of common household problem waste correctly (e.g. fluoro globes and tubes, gas bottles, batteries, motor oils, smoke detectors, paint)?

* 8. To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements?*

  Disagree strongly Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Agree strongly
If disposed correctly, gas bottles, fluoro globes and tubes and paint tins can be recycled
Some common household items can be harmful to the environment and require special disposal
I am prepared to travel to a special location to drop off materials that require special treatment so that they can be recycled

* 9. Have you seen or heard anything about your local Community Recycling Centre?