Alaska Rural Water Association is now accepting nominations for awards that will be presented at our Annual Training Conference in the fall. We will be presenting awards to member systems and operators that have done an outstanding job in the water and wastewater field this year. We will also be awarding member systems that have shown initiative and have taken a proactive approach in developing a plan to protect their drinking water sources from potential contaminants through source water protection efforts. This is your opportunity to give recognition for outstanding performance and professionalism where it is deserved. If you would like to recognize a system or operator that would qualify for any of these awards, please fill out the information below. 
Systems and Operators nominated for awards must be a current member of ARWA.

* 1. Nominee Name:

* 2. Please choose from ONE of the following award categories:

* 3. For an "Operator" Award, complete the following:

* 4. For a "System" Award, complete the following:

* 5. Please provide a narrative of 200 words or less describing why this operator or system should receive this award.

* 6. Person making this nomination:

Thank you for your participation!

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