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* 1. It would help us if you give your name, but if you wish to reply anonymously that is fine.

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. Where do you live?

* 4. When did you join ABC?

* 5. Since you joined has your interest in the Club changed?

* 6. How likely are you to stay in membership at next renewal?

* 7. We are always looking for volunteers. Would you consider helping us in any of these areas of activity?

* 8. What is your main reason for being an ABC member? (choose one)

* 9. How would you rate our performance of various activities?

  Very good Good Poor Don't know
Africanbirding discussion forum
Conservation Awards
Sales Items

* 10. ABC's aims are shown below.
Please try to indicate how important these are to you

  Essential Very important Quite important Not important
Provide a worldwide focus for African ornithology
Encourage interest in the conservation of African birds
Liaise with and promote the work of regional societies
Publish a twice-yearly colour bulletin
Encourage the search for little-known/threatened species

* 11. What other aims (if any) should the Club plan to achieve?

* 12. Within the ABC Bulletin, which of the following would you like to see more, the same or less of?

  More About right Less
Features -species/family
Little-known African birds
Africa Round-up
Features – destinations
Recent Reports
Club News
Requests for Information

* 13. Looking to the future we regularly have to consider how we allocate our funds. We receive so much material for the Bulletin that recent issues have been enlarged. We know some people also want to see more colour. Everything costs money so please indicate where you think we should focus.

* 14. Please comment on any specific subjects you would like covered in the future or other ideas for the Bulletin

* 15. How often do you look at the ABC website?

* 16. If you have visited our website please indicate which areas you think are most useful

Please also tell us anything which we might add to the website that would be useful

  I have used this I have not used yet, but probably will I am not likely to use this
Country Resources
African Bird images
Bulletin extracts
Online Shop
Country Checklists
ABC African Checklist
ID Challenge
Literature Gleanings
African Bird Sounds

* 17. Overall do you think ABC offers you value for money?

* 18. ABC is interested in any other comments you would like to make to help us improve what we do.