Answer a few questions so that we can plan accordingly for the first Boston Icarus Session on January 2nd. Thanks.

* 1. What's your name?

* 2. What's your email address?

* 3. Will you be attending this event on 1/2/2013 from 7PM - 9:30PM?

* 4. Do you desire to make a 140 second presentation?

* 5. Do you plan on using slides?
and if yes, from your own laptop?

* 6. In 100 words, what's your art?

* 7. Do you want to be updated about future Icarus Sessions?

We tentatively have a location available in Boston for up to 40 people on Wednesday, January 2nd from 7PM to 9:30PM. This survey will help us make the proper arrangements for this event. There should be future Icarus Sessions in case you can not make this first one. Thanks for your time!