About NYW events

If you're feeling inspired by the many amazing events on offer at this years National Youth Week then jump on board to register your own event. There is even merchandise and resources on offer to help out in organising, promoting and making a great event. However, as we only have limited merchandise and many events we will do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests and distribute as fairly as possible.

We're so excited to have you join the week to make it the best one yet so fill out the form below and we will be in contact soon! 

Applications to register must be received by COB Monday March 27

Please contact Zara on 0421250777 or email nyw@ynot.org.au for any queries or questions

* 1. What is the name of your event?

* 2. What is the date of your event?

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* 3. Where will your event be held?

* 4. What is your the main focus of your event?

* 5. Is your event receiving funding from DPAC?

* 6. How many people do you expect to attend?

* 7. What is your focussed age bracket?

* 8. What is your focussed age bracket?

* 9. Please provide a name, number and email address for any questions or problems.