Thank you very much for your participation in POETS first student retreat. We hope you were able to learned more about your peer's research, expand your professional skills, and feel more connected to your peers and POETS as a whole. We would appreciate you taking the time to provide honest, constructive feedback, so we can better serve you. 

* 1. First and last name

* 2. POETS institution

* 3. Status

* 4. Please indicate the degree to which you agree with the following statements. The student retreat…:

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree
helped me feel more connected to POETS as a whole.
showed me how my research connects to POETS goals and objectives.
showed me how I can collaborate with others across POETS.
connected me to other POETS students across the center.
gave me new insights about my own research.
broadened my view of the different post-PhD career paths available.
deepened my technical connections with students I normally don't collaborate with
the poster session helped me improve my scientific communication skills.
showed me the importance of improving my scientific communications skills.
was enjoyable.
was engaging.

* 5. Programming. Rate how valuable each of these activities were for you:

  Very valuable Valuable Neutral Unvaluable Very unvaluable
New POETS Student On-boarding (Tuesday 8am)
Welcome – POETS overview (Tuesday 9am)
Scientific Communications Workshop (Tuesday 10am)
STEM PhD Career Panel (Tuesday 1pm)
Poster Session (Tuesday evening)
The Board Room Outing (Tuesday night)
Collaboration/Innovations Activity (Wednesday 8:30am)
Town Hall (Wednesday 9:45am)

* 6. Experience. Rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of the student retreat:

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
Pace of activities (length/number of breaks)
Food options
Networking opportunities
Collaboration opportunities
Research topic exposure
Opportunities to present/communicate your research

* 7. If you have specific comments on the "Programming" or "Experience" section, please leave them below: 

* 8. What was the MOST and LEAST VALUABLE aspect/activity at the annual meeting?

* 9. Should POETS host another student retreat? If so, what would you change or keep the same? (e.g. separate event outside the annual meeting, more faculty interaction, more professional development, more social activities, more research talks, etc.)

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?