Park Quality Feedback

We want to know how to make City of Phoenix parks an even better place for you and your family. Please help us by taking this short, completely anonymous quality feedback survey.

* 1. Please list the name of the park you're reviewing. If you don't know the name, please list the main cross streets.

* 2. Below are a series of statements about the conditions of the Phoenix park you're reviewing. Please indicate your level of agreement with each statement.

  Totally Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Totally Agree N/A
The turf in the open play areas is in good condition.
Restrooms are clean and well maintained.
Trees are healthy and properly pruned.
The playground is clean and in safe working order.
The park is free of litter.
The playing fields are in good condition.
The sports courts are in good condition.

* 3. Please tell us how you took this survey:

* 4. If you'd like a Parks and Recreation Department staff member to follow up with you about your feedback, please list an e-mail address or phone number in the box below.