Why A Senior Model for Ambient Photos?

Why should you be a Senior Model for Ambient Photos by Jodi?

The answer is simple: To be a part of a select group of HS Seniors that enjoy having fun, getting epic Senior pics at a discount – and new this year – give back to the community!

What does a Senior Model get?
→ FREE Mini Model Glam Session with hair and make-up!
→ Full summer Senior Session in studio and/or on location.
→ A Custom App for your Smart Phone to share with all your friends!
→ For you - each confirmed senior session referral* will earn $15 cash!
→ For mom - $25 Studio Credit for every booked and confirmed referral*! 
*Confirmed senior sessions means booked and paid session fee.

There will be a Grand Prize for the Senior Model who refers the most 2018 Seniors!

Ambient Photos Senior Models not only get these great perks, but they also get to have fun doing something worthwhile for their graduating class!  We are looking for enthusiastic seniors that enjoy having their pictures taken, and love showing off their own personal sense of style with other students in their school.  Most of all, we are looking for Senior Models that set a positive example for their peers.

What does a Senior Models do?
→ Love to be in front of the camera!
→ Have your senior photographs taken exclusively by Ambient Photos by Jodi.
→ Talk about how much fun it was to have your portraits taken by Ambient Photos by Jodi.
→ Be active on Social Media, encouraging students to check out Ambient Photos on these sites and provide positive feedback about your photo session!
→ Communicate regularly with Ambient Photos reporting your progress.
And new this year (and NOT required)!
→ You can earn extra $$ by giving back to your community!  Select a charity of your choice - Jeans for Teens, Shoes for Love, Prom Dresses, whatever or start your own for a local cause!  Collect items to donate and Ambient Photos will match $1 for each item collected to go towards a Custom Album!  Be creative and get those giving juices flowing!

How does the Ambient Photos by Jodi Senior Model Program work?
→ Must be graduating in 2018.
→ Must be outgoing with a positive attitude and a fun personality!
→ We are looking for 1-2 females and 1-2 males from each school.  Selections will be made based on each representative meeting all of the Ambient Photos requirements.
→ Agree to represent Ambient Photos by Jodi exclusively.
→ Each Senior Model will be scheduled for a photo session based on photographer and student availability.  The first session will be a short, “model” session which will include 15-20 images.  These images will be used on all promotional material.  The studio will select the best images from the photo session from which the student will pick the final images that will be used in their mini mobile app album and on social media sites.
→ The student’s parents can be active by sharing social media tags, any hand outs, emails, etc.
→ Help find 2019 Senior Reps! We need to follow your great group with upcoming graduating class representatives!

How to get started:
→ Get your parents involved in the decision to apply. You will be much more successful if your parents approve and support you in this.
→ Fill out the application.  Applications are due no later than March 31, 2017 and be found on the our website.
→ Submit required $200 deposit.  This deposit ensures a commitment to Ambient Photos from the Model.  $25 for each referral would be applied to the deposit, so the more you refer, the more you will earn!  For example – you refer eight Seniors - $200 goes right to your portrait purchases!

That’s it!  This is NOT a high-pressure sales job!  Just a fun way to start your Senior year!

Can't wait to meet you!

* 1. Name

* 2. Address

* 3. Phone

* 4. Email Address

* 5. Parents Email

* 6. Graduating High School and Year

* 7. Facebook Link

* 8. Twitter

* 9. Instagram

* 10. Tell us about yourself!
250-500 words

* 11. How many Seniors do you think you can get to book a Senior Session with Ambient Photos - from your school or any other school?

  1-4 5-9 10-14 15-20 20+
2018 HS Seniors

* 12. Why are you the best choice for your school?