* 1. Work experience

  Yes No Not Sure
I enjoyed work experience
I gained a wider understanding of what goes on in the area I was working
I felt like a meaningful and valued member of the work place
I had people who supported me throughout
I was confident of asking questions about my work
I would happily return to work in the place I completed my work experience

* 2. Tasks

  Yes No A little bit
I knew/researched the tasks i would be completing during my work experience
All tasks given to me were very easy
I was challenged with the tasks I was given
I found the work far too difficult
I was bored during work experience
I found the work too tiring

* 3. Career Intentions

  Yes No Not Sure
I did my work experience in an area I was interested in as a career
I had no interest in the area i did my work experience
I have changed my ideas of what I would like to do for my career as a result of work experience
I no longer want to work in an area i was previously interested
I now want to work in an area I previously had no interest in
I have a clearer idea of what I want to do as a result of my work experience

* 4. Is there anything you feel would have benefited from before going on work experience? (information about the company, help with uniform etc)

* 5. What do you feel you now need in preparation for gaining a job? (interview skills, CV help etc)