Quilting Arts December 2011/January 2012 Reader Survey

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Off the Page: Sketchbook Keeping (Ana Buzzalino)
Out of the Toolbox (Maria Elkins)
Minding Your Business (Jane Davila)
Intense Art Cloth (Lynn Krawczyk)
From Snapshot to Art Quilt (Natalya Aikens)
Reptile Raw-Edge Applique (Jane H. Haworth)
Stitched Pet Portraits (Faith Cleary)
Free-Style Free-Motion Quilting (Elin Waterston)
Simple Shibori (Jeannie Palmer Moore)
Take That Color Out (Judy Coates Perez)
Artist Profile: Sheila Frampton-Cooper (Ellen Seeburger)
Results from the "Greatest Pet Peeve" reader challenge
Judges' Choice quilts
In the Spotlight (Jim Goldsworthy)

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