Citizens for Modern Transit recently released the results from its Transit Funding Study looking at ways to creatively fund transit in the region based on case studies from other cities. By commissioning this Transit Funding Study, CMT's goal was to begin the process of building a case for long-term, sustainable capital and operational funding for greatly enhanced public transit services in the region.

While officials in our region can apply for federal loans and grants to expand and improve transit, those loans and grants require matching funds provided through state or local funding sources.

CMT is looking for your feedback.

After a brief description of each funding source, there are a series of questions regarding whether each method would be (a) palatable to you, and/or (b) effective at producing the amount of funds necessary for a transit capital expansion project. There is also space to contribute feedback/ideas regarding each source.

Please respond to the survey thoughtfully, as CMT aims to help facilitate a conversation in our region about new possibilities for transit funding. We value your input!

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