1. Survey Questions

We would appreciate your opinions regarding the topics of licensing and downloading developer software. The software we will be providing, via a short download process at no cost, allows developers to build applications very quickly. We would like to make our licensing and downloading policies and procedures work for you.

Please check all answers that apply. Your comments are greatly appreciated as we prepare to launch!

Thank you!

* 1. When downloading a substantive but free development tool, do you expect the license to be:

* 2. Currently, do you centrally control all software tool distribution for developers (not application users)?

* 3. How do you expect/prefer to distribute software internally?

* 4. During the registration process, which of the following do you expect to provide to the vendor?

* 5. Do you expect an activation process once the download is completed?

* 6. Does your company use multiple corporate names when acquiring software products?

* 7. Does your policy regarding software allow developers to take copies of development tools home?

* 8. Do your policies allow developers to use web-based support and training services?

* 9. Who is allowed to accept license terms for substantial software downloads in your organization's name?

* 10. Please select a title and employer type that applies to you: