* 1. When communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, you should talk louder.

* 2. You can always tell when someone has a disability.

* 3. You can catch a disability from someone.

* 4. At recess, you can play with someone who uses a wheelchair.

* 5. One way a person who is deaf or hard of hearing communicates is with sign language.

* 6. A person who is blind will always need someone to read to him or her.

* 7. Signs posted around town show where it is accessible for people using wheelchairs.

* 8. A person who is not able to speak or communicate the same way as you is not smart.

* 9. Name a disability you learned about from The Kids on the Block Program. Tell me three things about that disability.

* 10. Do you know someone with a disability? If so, what is his/her first name and what is his/her disability? What do you do to make them feel part of your class?

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