NEON Bioarchive Survey

We have designed the following survey to obtain a better sense of your priorities for the NEON bioarchive and to inform its ultimate design and operation.  Please complete this survey by Tuesday, 9 May 2017.  Direct any questions to Dave Tazik, NEON Science Operations, at or 720-746-4841

* 1. How familiar/knowledgeable are you with NEON (

* 2. What is your level of interest in the NEON Bioarchive?

* 3. Rank the following items from 1 (highest priority) to 7 (lowest priority)

* 4. Would you prefer a single centralized bioarchive facility or a network of regional facilities?

* 5. Should NEON samples/specimens be integrated with existing collections or held separately in whatever facilities are utilized?

* 6. From a researchers perspective, what would you consider to be a reasonable turnaround time for loan requests?

* 7. What do you consider a reasonable timeframe from receipt of samples at a bioarchive facility to the time samples are available for research use?

* 8. If your institution were to accept NEON samples and specimens, how concerned would you be about the following terms and conditions?

  No Concern Little concern Neutral Some concern Considerable concern N/A
Transfer of ownership
Accepting samples from National Park Service lands
Destructive use of samples/specimens
Annual reporting on use of NEON samples/specimens
Integration of material into the institutions regular collections
Accession turnaround times
Loan request fulfillment turnaround time

* 9. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 10. With which of NEON's technical working groups would you consider yourself most closely associated? ( ) -- Choose up to three.