My name is Peter Johnston and I am a professor at the State University of New York at Albany. My colleagues and I are trying to understand children’s and parents’ experiences with high stakes testing in schools in order to understand the effectiveness of these practices. If you work in a public school, we would like to ask you some questions on this topic along with some demographic questions. If you do not administer your state tests, not all questions will apply. Please answer only the questions that apply to you and your setting.

The questionnaire should take about 15 minutes. It is voluntary and you can quit at any time. You can also choose not to answer questions. This survey is completely anonymous. We cannot know who responded to the survey.

If you have questions or would like to comment on aspects of the study, or if you would like to read the report we write when the study is complete, please email me at pjohnston@uamail.albany.edu. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant or if you wish to report any concerns about the study you may contact the Office of Research Compliance at the University at Albany at (518) 437 4569 or 1-800-365-9139 or at orc@uamail.albany.edu.

Thank you for helping us with this research.

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