The Canadian and African Business Women’s Alliance (CAABWA) is a non-profit, Canadian and African association with the mandate to support African women entrepreneurs in their efforts to participate in international trade.

From September 18-23, 2016 CAABWA is organizing a Leadership Exchange Mission to the trade+impact Summit and Trade Expo in Ifrane, Morocco. The sectors being showcased are craft/textiles and natural skincare products. Canadian businesswomen interested in sharing their skills & experience by mentoring a rising/leading female social entrepreneur in Africa or the Middle East are invited to complete this application form to secure their spot.

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Consumer Branding and Communications
Social and Digital Media for SMEs
Consumer Packaging and Design
Product Development and Design 
Operations, quality assurance, process efficiency, supply chains
Export Development
Financial Literacy (Investor readiness etc)
Strategic Growth Monitoring, Evaluation, and Social Impact

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Middle East

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