SECCRIT - SEcure Cloud computing for CRitical Infrastructure IT, is conducting this survey for perceptions of risk in cloud computing for critical infrastructure.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather the experiences and views of informed people on the risks of cloud computing, especially when used by organizations that provide critical infrastructure services. It is being used as part of the SECCRIT project, in order to find out what risks are seen as being particularly important by both users and providers of cloud computing.

Why should I complete this questionnaire?

  1. It is important to learn about the experiences and viewpoints of users and providers to produce effective ways of managing risks.
  2. We hope that you would find the questionnaire thought provoking.
  3. If you choose to provide contact details you may find it informative to see what other people think about the risks of cloud services.

The results will be analysed and they may be used in scientific publications. These publications will present only a general analysis of your responses, and will not identify any people or organizations responding to the survey. All the responses you give will be held by us in strict confidence, and will be stored without any information that could identify you or your organizations.

Our Contact Details:
Noorulhassan Shirazi,
Jerry Busby,

Question Title

* 1. We would like to keep a separate record of your contact details so we can contact you again in a follow-up survey, but if you would prefer not to give your details you do not need to. If you give your contact details we will send you a summary of the findings. If you are happy to provide your email, please enter it below.