Attention Researchers: Fill out this survey if you want help connecting with Tribes and/or communities!

For the 2025 Delta Research Awards solicitation, please submit a survey response by May 1, 2024 by 5:00 pm. Survey responses submitted after the deadline may not be accepted for the purposes of the 2025 solicitation.

Survey Description

Funding Opportunity

The Delta Stewardship Council’s (Council) Delta Science Program will release the 2025 Delta Research Awards in April of 2024. Approximately $6 million in awards will be available for research promoting an integrative understanding of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Marsh, and proposals must advance one or more of the Science Actions in the 2022-2026 Science Action Agenda (SAA). The SAA prioritizes science actions to fill knowledge gaps and align them with management needs.

Why should I take this survey?

The 2025 Delta Research Awards emphasize co-production and participatory research (see SAA Management Need 4) in which information is produced by both researchers and the communities affected by the research. For example, California Native American Tribes (Tribes), tribal serving organizations, and/or community-based organizations (CBOs) would be integrated into projects from the beginning. To promote co-production, Council staff are facilitating connections between researchers and Tribes or CBOs whose interests align. These connections should happen as soon as possible, and before developing a full proposal, to establish relationships and allow for early co-production on a proposed project. If you are a researcher planning to submit a proposal for funding under the 2025 Delta Research Awards, and you are interested in partnering with Tribes or CBOs for participatory research, please respond to this survey at your earliest convenience.

What will happen after I respond to this survey?

Council staff will share information collected by this survey with Tribes and CBOs to facilitate partnerships where there is mutual interest. Tribes and CBOs will decide which projects warrant their involvement and to what extent. Involvement by Tribes or CBOs can range from providing a ‘Letter of Interest’ in support of a proposal to being a research team member and requesting funds.

After submission, the Council’s Tribal Liaison or other Council staff will relay this information to Tribes or CBOs and assist with facilitating the connection. For any questions about the proposal solicitation, please get in touch with

Important Notes

This survey is entirely optional. Please note, there is no guarantee that submission of this survey will result in a successful connection, or that forming a connection with a Tribe or CBO through this survey will result in an award under this solicitation.

This effort to connect researchers with Tribes and CBOs is specifically for the 2025 Delta Research Awards. It is separate from the Council’s Science for Communities effort, which fosters opportunities for scientists and communities to increase awareness and access. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with

Question Title

* 1. Contact Information

Question Title

* 2. Briefly describe your project's goals, methods, and outcomes. What science action(s) described in the 2022-2026 SAA does your project address (requirement of the solicitation)? 

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* 3. Are you interested in connecting with a Tribe, Community Based Organization (CBO), or both?

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* 4. How would your project benefit from partnering with Tribe or CBO? How would Tribes or CBOs benefit from partnering on your project? If responding for interest in working with both Tribes and CBOs, please provide an answer specific to each.

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* 5. Have you done any prior outreach to Tribes or CBOs on this project? If so, which Tribes and/or CBOs?  If so, which Tribe(s) or CBO(s) and what was their response?

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* 6. What role do you see any Tribal or CBO partners playing with your project? If responding for interest in working with both Tribes and CBOs, please provide an answer specific to each.

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* 7. For tribal connections, what experience, expertise, knowledge, or skills surrounding Tribal issues or concerns does your research team bring? What prior experience, if any, does your research team have working with Tribes?