Live Chat/Help Software for Mac

If you are a Mac user who runs an online business or website where online chat with prospective and/or existing customers is important to you I would be grateful if you would complete the following short questionnaire to aid with market research.

Any details you give will be confidential and only used to allow me to ensure that the development of a Mac based live chat solution is heading in the right direction.

Many thanks for your time! For those that complete the survey and register for beta access there will be a special treat of some sort when the app is launched!

* 1. What, if any, live chat software do you currently use?

* 2. If you use existing software what makes you use that particular software?

* 3. What would you require or like to see in a Mac based live help solution?

* 4. How would you rather pay?

* 5. Taking into account how valuable this software may be to your business and what it would include (the hosted live chat function, the Mac client, all updates and iPhone/iPad clients when released) how much would you be willing to spend per month?

  Nothing £5 (approx $8) £10 (approx $15) £25 (approx $40) £50 (approx $75) £100 (approx $150) £150 (approx $250) More than £150 (approx $250)
Per site (a flat fee for everything)
Per site and per operator (charged for each operator and each site)
Per operator (so 1 operator can be used across multiple sites)
For a site and operator allowance (eg up to 10 sites and 10 operators)
For an operator allowance (eg up to 10 operators across multiple sites)

* 6. How many visitors does your site have on average per day? (This question is optional but it will help if you can answer it)

* 7. Would you be interested in an all in one live help solution from where you can manage live chats, facebook comments, tweets about your company and emails all from one Mac App?

* 8. If you would like to be involved in beta testing this software please supply a contact name and email address. Beta access is limited and will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Please note there is no current timetable for a beta release.

* 9. If you would like to be sent more information in the future about Mac based live chat / live help software please enter your name and email address.

Please note that your details will only be used for sending updates and you will be emailed and asked to confirm your request to join the mailing list.