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* 2. Semester/Year of Graduation:

* 3. Please select one: I was a Women’s Studies…

* 4. What is your current profession? How does your training in Women’s Studies contribute to your job or your life in general (either directly or indirectly)? What are your long-term goals? If you are currently pursuing post-secondary education, describe your major and include any publications, workshops, and/or conference papers you have delivered.

* 5. How would you describe your experience with the New Mexico State Women’s Studies Program? What is the Program's strongest asset? Discuss the role the WS Program played in your education and/or current status.

* 6. In your view, what is the benefit of pursuing education in Women’s/Gender Studies?

* 7. Students often ask what can one “do” with an education in Women’s Studies. What is your response to this question?

* 8. What made you decide to become a Women’s Studies major, minor, double major, double minor, graduate minor, or student with a Women's Studies area of interest?

* 9. Are you currently involved in any activism or a member of an activist group? Please describe any projects or/and the group.

* 10. May we use your comments on our webpage or printed materials?

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