Training Topics

This short survey questionnaire is intended to gather specific data to develop an executive-level practice management training program for physicians in priviate practice. Please be advised that the survey is anonymous and the data gathered will be utilized only for the purpose of developing the topics and structure for the training program.

* 1. Financial Management
(Strictly financial topics like working with banks and evaluating financial performance)

* 2. Business Operations/Risk Management
(Topics dealing with the organization and tasks like equipment utilization and facilities.)

* 3. Practice Management
(Practice specific topics like clinic specific budgets, patient flow and medical records)

* 4. Human Resources
(Topics like staffing, salaries and training)

* 5. Marketing
(Topics like marketing plans, strategies and self evaluation)

* 6. Legal Issues
(Topics like Stark laws and workers rights)

* 7. Information Technology
(Topics like medical software applications, hardware and remote communication)

* 8. Professional Responsibility
(Topics like leadership, managing conflict and maintenance of certification)

* 9. A training program specifically geared towards physicians in private practice with topics identified above.

* 10. Is it necessary that CMEs be incorporated into this training even if it leads to an increase in the course fee?