We Need Your Help to Plan for the Future!

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* 1. How often did you patronize the Hornell Public Library in the past 12 months?

* 2. Are you a resident of the Hornell City School District?

* 3. Are you aware of the availability of the many types of non-print material such as audio-visuals, e-books, audio books, databases, and movies at the Hornell Public Library?

* 4. Please list any, digital, visual, audio, databases or printed items you would like to see increased or included into the Hornell Public Library’s collection.

* 5. The Hornell Public Library is a safe, comfortable, inviting place to visit, with adequate heating/cooling and well lighted areas.

* 6. The Library Staff is efficient, confidential, friendly, and courteous to patrons.

* 7. Please list any specific suggestions to improve the quality of service given by the Library staff.

* 8. Have you ever visited the library when material was not 
available and/or Library staff was unable to fulfill your requests?

* 9. If ‘Yes’ to the above, please list the nature of your requests below:

* 10. Do you have children (under 19 years of age) who use our public Library?

* 11. If ‘Yes’ to the above question please answer the following:

* 12. The days and hours that the Library is open are adequate.

* 13. Are you aware of the ‘Rules of Conduct for the Patrons of the Hornell Public Library’, and where the rules are posted?

* 14. Do you believe that a public Library is an essential institution for a community?

* 15. To prevent the cutting of Library hours/service and reduced purchases of Library materials and equipment, would you support an increase in the Library Tax Levy?

* 16. Check below any/all of the Library Services that you use regularly, or most of the time:

Thank you!
The Hornell Public Library