* 1. Thank you for your interest in the Rapid Charge Network Project. As we mentioned, there are four ways to get involved and participate in this project. Please select which way you would like to get involved. You can select all options you are interested in:

* 2. Please confirm your name and contact details:

* 3. Please confirm the make and model of your electric vehicle:

* 4. Please identify if you are a EV owner / or fleet manager

* 5. What is your average weekly mileage

* 6. How frequently do you use rapid charge points? (Rapid Charger Points can recharge your car in about 20 min from 0% to 80% state of charge using either the CHAdeMO and Combined Charging System 44 kW DC protocols or 43 kW AC protocol)

* 7. If you are willing to have a data logger installed, please answer the following question: The data loggers are vital in providing Newcastle University, one of the project partners, with real-time data of how people use the Rapid Charge Network. It will monitor location, journeys, state of battery charge and charging patterns. Would you be happy for Newcastle University to use this data? (Newcastle University will be responsible for all data collection, analysis and storage of data under strict Data Confidentiality processes. No personal details or data will be shared or published)